The company TUMAN GLOBAL specializes in market analysis in the areas of building materials and various foods in Turkey. Of course, specially requested goods are also taken into account in order to offer customers lucrative prices.

The TUMAN GLOBAL company is heavily staffed by its internal export relationships with contracted logistics companies. The know-how in the customs clearance guidelines offers our company a head start in the smooth running of the exported goods.

In doing so, we not only integrate ourselves as a strong link in the retail chain, but also strengthen trust with our customers. 
Our goal is to maximize profitability; We keep an eye on all requirements and negotiate the best prices for our customers in advance.

Our main focus is primarily on strengthening German-Turkish trade relations and thus being a trustworthy trading partner on the German market.

⦁ Buildings materials
⦁ Food



In this area we offer you quality goods from a single source for fair prices. You can also get offers from us for small tools and equipment that you need for construction and construction work.

One of the most important tasks in the construction and renovation process is the planned selection and delivery of building materials.
When selecting the building materials, the requirements must be correctly determined and the purchase made in this direction. Our experienced employees offer free advisory services.

“The right calculation increases profit!”

The geographical location and the climatic variability of Turkey is the basis for the wide range of food.

At TUMAN GLOBAL we offer our customers olives, olive oil, dried and fresh fruit, morel mushrooms, nut varieties (walnut, hazelnut, pistachio) and legumes under the motto

“best quality, best price”.



In this area we can supply you with all types of building materials that comply with EU directives, including:

Reinforcing bars, types of bricks, YTONG aerated concrete types, roofing materials, types of profiled iron, insulation materials, interior and exterior cladding materials and others.